Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Free Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

When I designed these two Christmas iPhone wallpapers I was inspired by the traditional christmas sweaters I saw floating around pinterest. It's such a cozy and festive design. You can feel the fuzzy warmth just looking at those sweaters. Or, maybe that's just me wrapped up in my footie pajamas. Either way, I had fun designing this one. But now I need to focus on other things because there are...

ONLY 15 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! That sentence warrants a very rare exclamation point from me. How does Christmas manage to sneak up on me every year? I am so behind. I normally get my Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I finally put it up this past weekend. I need to get with it. Oh well, I will enjoy this season and not get flustered by my growing to-do list.

Download light blue: iPhone 5
Download dark blue: iPhone 5

Download light blue: iPhone 4
Download dark blue: iPhone 4

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